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Nukleárny seminár - Piotr Homola (19.3.2018)

v pondelok 19.3.2018 o 14:00 hod. v miestnosti F1/364

13. 03. 2018 10.14 hod.
Od: Jaroslav Staníček

Pozývame Vás na Nukleárny seminár Katedry jadrovej fyziky a biofyziky FMFI UK, Slovenskej fyzikálnej spoločnosti a Slovenskej nukleárnej spoločnosti 

Prednášajúci:  prof. Piotr Homola (IFJ PAN Kraków)

Názov: Cosmic-Ray Extremely Distributed Observatory (CREDO): novel astrophysical potential and beyond

Termín: 19.3.2018, 14:00 hod., zasadačka KJFB (F1/364)

The Cosmic-Ray Extremely Distributed Observatory (CREDO) project will use the hunt for particle cascades from deep space as a vehicle for a unique ‘bottom-up’ approach to scientific research. By engaging the non-specialist public of all ages as ‘citizen scientists’ CREDO will create and widely offer an opportunity for lifelong learning for individuals as well as for cooperation and the sharing of common educational tools amongst institutions. The discoveries of these citizen scientists will feed directly into a pioneering new area of scientific research oriented on Cosmic Ray Ensembles (CRE). The detection (or non-detection) of such particle groups promises to open up a new method for exploring our universe. The opportunities this would create for cross-disciplinary research are significant and beneficial for individuals, networks of institutions and the global communities of both professional scientists and science enthusiasts.