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Algebraic Graph Theory International Webinar (7.12.2021)

v utorok 7.12.2021 o 19:00 hod.

06. 12. 2021 13.08 hod.
Od: Róbert Jajcay

The organizers of the Algebraic Graph Theory International Webinar would like to invite you to join us and other colleagues on December 7, 2021, at 7pm Central European Summer Time (= 6pm UTC), for the next presentation delivered by Peter Cameron. 

The title of Martin's talk: Graphs defined on groups

There are a number of different graphs defined on a group reflecting the group structure in some way, and invariant under automorphisms of the group. The oldest of these is the commuting graph, which was implicit in the seminal paper by Brauer and Fowler in 1955; others include the power graph, enhanced power graph, nilpotence and solvability graphs, generating graph, and independence graph. Most of these can be fitted into a hierarchy. There has recently been an upsurge of interest in these graphs, so I cannot give a complete account; but some interesting questions concern the hierarchy, and the question of which groups have the property that two of the graphs coincide on that group. Among classes of groups that can be defined in this way are EPPO groups, groups with cyclic or generalized quaternion Sylow subgroups, 2-Engel groups, and Dedekind groups.

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Further details may be found at http://euler.doa.fmph.uniba.sk/AGTIW.html

where you can also find the slides and the recordings of our previous presentations. Also, if you wish to advertise an AGT friendly conference on this page, please send us the link.  

Hoping to see you at the webinar, and wishing you all the best. 

Isabel HubardRobert Jajcay and Primoz Potocnik