Faculty of Mathematics, Physics
and Informatics
Comenius University Bratislava

Theoretical Physics

Master's Degree Program






2 years

Program director:

prof. Ing. Roman Martoňák, DrSc.

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This program is offered in English and Slovak languages.

Description of the Study Program

Physics is both experimental and theoretical discipline, thus physicists play a double role: collect knowledge about the world via sophisticated experiments and formulate theories providing deeper understanding of progressively rising amount of data and finding new associations among them. In the two-year Theoretical Physics MSc programme we welcome applicants who seek understanding, applying and further developing modern physical theories of the world. The programme covers a broad scope from the microscopic concepts up to the whole Universe, including phenomena from Elementary Particle Physics through Condensed Matter Physics to Cosmology. A student can focus on one of these areas obtaining in addition deep knowledge in Mathematics, Physics and programming.

What to Expect

Compulsory subjects of the programme are exclusively aimed at completing the diploma thesis with good general theoretical understanding and passing final state examinations. They basically cover three areas: Mathematical Physics and Gravity, Elementary Particles and Condensed Matter Physics. Students select two of these areas for their final state exams. The areas are covered by core courses as follows:

  • Mathematical Physics and Gravity: Mathematical Physics 2, Differential Equations, General Theory of Relativity, Group Representations and Cosmology
  • Elementary particles: Quantum Field Theory, Quantum Electrodynamics, Standard Model
  • Condensed Matter Theory: Structure and Mechanical Properties of Solids, Electrical and Optical Properties of Solids, Selected Chapters on Statistical Physics, Magnetic Properties of Solids and Superconductivity

Furthermore, students are invited to sign up for more advanced optional courses in each of the three areas.

Master's Thesis

In the winter semester of the 1st year, students choose their final thesis project from those proposed by the department following their interests and preferences, and after meetings with the projects´supervisors and teachers. Alternatively, they may choose one of the external projects put forward by other research facilities, faculty departments or other faculties of the Comenius University. The diploma thesis should present a study of an adequately advanced research topic.

Some selected examples of successful theses by our graduates :

Graduates' Career Opportunities

The graduate of the Theoretical Physics study programme has mastered extensive mathematical apparatus and theoretical physics methods and procedures. He/she can scientifically approach finding solutions to complex problems that occur in interacting systems – problems that are encountered in all areas of human endeavour dealing with systems where detailed understanding of the response to external impact requires theoretical abstraction.

The graduates are eligible for positions in research and technical academic facilities and well adaptable for practical careers in other technical, social or economic areas.