Faculty of Mathematics, Physics
and Informatics
Comenius University Bratislava

Student Support and Services

Student Accommodation

The faculty accommodates its students in on-campus residence halls in the Ľudovít Štúr University Town - Mlyny, situated within a 20-minute walking distance from the faculty building. The accommodation prices range from EUR45 to EUR80 per month depending on the number of beds and standard amenities available in the room (the price includes in-room Internet connection).

Students residing within the reach of the Bratislava Integrated Transport (BID) are not entitled to accommodation in the residence halls. The waiting list for housing is shaped by relatively complex rules, the main factors that determine a student’s place on the list being weighted grade average, social conditions (e.g. income bracket in the family) and extra-curricular activities. For more information and detailed rules please visit our Accommodation website.

Newly admitted students, foreign students, disabled card holders and disabled students with escort will automatically receive accommodation upon submitting their application and fulfilling the requirements.

Catering Options

Students of the Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Informatics are entitled to receive an allowance of EUR1.40 per main meal twice a day in selected catering establishments. Students are eligible for discount upon presentation of the ISIC student card.

The faculty building houses two canteens - FreeFood and FaynFood; a typical daily lunch menu at these facilities costs EUR4.20 (EUR3.20 upon the application of the discount). Other canteens and cafeterias where students can use the discount are located in the on-campus residence halls at Mlynská dolina (a 20-minute walk from the faculty), where the main dishes start at around EUR2.70 (or EUR1.30 upon the application of the discount). A rich variety of other catering facilities can be found in the adjoining faculties and in the vicinity of the residence halls.


Most degree programs at the Faculty of Mathematics, Physic and Informatics are available in the disciplines where students are entitled to the career field incentive scholarship. The list of supported fields is updated annually by the Ministry of Education. This scholarship is granted to at most 50% of the students of the respective field of study; the value of the scholarship depends on academic performance and the amount of allocated funds. In the past, these scholarships ranged from EUR350 to EUR750 per student per year, payable in two instalments. Students with excellent academic performance are eligible for merit scholarship, which in the past ranged from EUR300 to EUR650 per student per year. These scholarships need not be applied for (except in special cases); for detailed information please see the Faculty’s Scholarship Regulations.

In addition to the aforementioned, the Dean may award an extraordinary scholarship, such as for excellence in the representation of the faculty, activities on behalf, and for the benefit, of the faculty, and the like. Scientific activities, professional development, participation in conferences or activities promoting the faculty can be funded from a one-time grant from the faculty budget.

Students from low-income backgrounds can apply for social scholarships. The rules, income limits and the volume of such scholarships are stipulated by the Ministerial Decree on Granting Social Scholarships. Applications for this type of scholarship are always submitted at the beginning of the academic year, the scholarships are disbursed monthly.

Additionally, students can apply for a student loan from the Education Support Fund to finance their studies. This non-purpose loan has a low interest rate and a long maturity. The loan becomes payable following the student’s graduation. For more information, please visit the Fund’s website.

Relaxation and Self-study Facilities

The faculty building has a number of rooms and areas where students can find a tranquil place for self-study or for winding down between lectures and tutorials. The underground section of the Mathematics Building houses a clubroom for work or for meeting with friends, a newly equipped faculty library reading room for a quiet study, and a casually furnished Cauchy club room with bean bag chairs and a piano for relaxation. What is more, you may find here a number of loges and nooks in the corridors with tables, chairs, electrical outlets and hammocks. In the spring and autumn months, you may also use a vast sheltered Relax courtyard (with hammocks, benches, a nook with a whiteboard), and a minor courtyard in the Informatics Building.

In addition to the reading room, the Faculty Library provides copy, print and related services, and its book collection features many native and foreign titles covering a large portion of the courses on offer at the faculty. Although part of the library collection is available only for in-library use, you can borrow these books overnight or over the weekend (the standard loan period for other books is 4 months).

Sports Activities

Department of Physical Education and Sports prepares year-round courses for students in 18 kinds of sports at different performance levels. In addition to regular physical education classes (mandatory for first-year students and optional for other students) the department regularly prepares ski trips, rafting trips, guided walking and cycling tours and the like.

All students enjoy free access to the marina at the beautiful Karlova Ves Tributary (Karloveské rameno) of the Danube River, to a small gym in the newly opened sports facility (e.g. suited to playing badminton), table-tennis tables, a climbing wall, a newly-equipped fitness corner and a sauna. In the area between the buildings you can find a disc golf course (discs can be rented through the caretaker).

Language Training and Soft Skills

The faculty recognises the importance of students’ language training. Hence, all students must complete a mandatory course in advanced English for Specific Purposes (ESP). In addition to English, Department of  Foreign Languages offers courses in German, French and Russian (beginner, intermediate and advanced levels), as well as an English conversation course. The courses are free for all faculty students. Additional language training courses are offered by the Career Centre, which also provides consulting services and organizes soft skills development workshops to facilitate students’ successful entry into the labour market.

Student Organizations

Student Chamber of the Academic Senate of the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics  (ŠKAS) is a group of elected student representatives involved in the faculty’s self-administration and  advocating students’ interests. In addition, ŠKAS organizes students’ events such as Freshmen Welcome Party, Christmas Punch, meetings with alumni from Slovakia and abroad or volunteer work to beautify the premises around the faculty. ŠKAS also looks after students’ leisure facilities, oversees the faculty’s club activities and largely caters for the well-being of the faculty students. If you are willing to participate in such activities, you are warmly welcome by the ŠKAS community.

Students of the Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Informatics also organize correspondence seminars and other contests for secondary school students in their potential fields of study; these activities are carried out under the guidance of the TROJSTEN (trihedron) Civic Association. The faculty also houses amateur music groups such as Allegro Chamber Ensemble or Vocalatté Choir.

Information Technologies

Following their enrolment at the faculty, all students receive an e-mail account in the Office 365+ system with a capacity of 20 GB for email and document sharing options. They also gain access to the Office 365 software and to the development tools and operating systems developed by Microsoft in the DreamSpark Premium program, as well as to other software packages licensed to the faculty (SAS, Matlab, etc.).

The faculty has a number of advanced computer labs, which are accessible for students in their off-time. All teaching rooms and areas most commonly used for self-study and relaxation provide access to the eduroam Wi-Fi network. Other specialized equipment is available during work on research projects or as part of specialized courses.

The faculty, which takes pride in the fact that its students are thoroughly familiar with the latest technologies and can use them with great skill, makes every possible effort to render such technologies widely available to them.