Faculty of Mathematics, Physics
and Informatics
Comenius University Bratislava


In Slovakia, our faculty is consistently ranked as the top research faculty among institutions with the focus on natural sciences. The faculty main research themes are as follows: 


  1. Applications of qualitative and quantitative methods of mathematics and statistics in natural, technical, and economic sciences
  2. Algebraic and geometric structures and discrete mathematics
  3. Methods of mathematical analysis and their applications to dynamical systems 


  1. Physical mechanisms in living systems and their use in biomedicine and biotechnology
  2. Nanotechnologies, materials, and new technologies
  3. Field physics, subatomic and atomic particles and their applications
  4. Physical mechanisms of processes in the environmental system and their use to predict its variations 

Computer Science

  1. Information processing laws and their applications to new information and communication technologies
  2. Methods and tools of computer science to support the knowledge society

Research Results, Seminars, Publications

Tau Herculids meteor shower14. 06. 2022

Joint airborne and ground-based expedition to observe a remarkable Tau Herculids meteor shower by AMOS.

Fukushima Accident: 10 Years After01. 06. 2022

Prof. Povinec together with Japanese colleagues recently published a new book on the Fukushima accident


A study on fluid flow and phase change dynamics in multicomponent systems has been published in the prestigious magazine Physics Today by Daniel M. Anderson...

St. George’s Rotunda in Nitrianska Blatnica10. 03. 2022

International consortium of radiocarbon laboratories dated St. George’s Rotunda in Nitrianska Blatnica

The Principia : Mathematical Principles of Natural...08. 11. 2021

Doc. Juraj Šebesta translated to Slovak language books by sir Isaac Newton

How a crystal transforms into another one03. 09. 2021

A study of nucleation in the pressure-induced structural phase transition in rocksalt was published on 31 August 2021 in the prestigious physical journal...

Physics in blind alleys / Juraj Tekel12. 07. 2021

Juraj Tekel, from the Department of theoretical physics of the Faculty of mathematics, physics and informatics CU in Bratislava, describes in his popular...

Mind as an Object / Martin Takáč18. 11. 2020

Martin Takáč, whose professional interest is in computer simulations of the human mind and developing so-called "digital people", in his essay "Mind as an...

Reentry and disintegration of a rocket booster above Hawaii27. 10. 2020

A unique celestial event was captured by the AMOS systems at Haleakalā and Maunakea Observatories in Hawaii.

Classical Systemas in Quantum Mechanics / Pavel Bóna03. 08. 2020

Addresses the knotty problem of the quantum-classical divide. Adopts two approaches for describing classical systems in the framework of quantum...

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