Faculty of Mathematics, Physics
and Informatics
Comenius University Bratislava

Special Needs Students

The Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics has been providing support and services for students with specific needs for many years now. Barrier-free (universal) environment, learning and exam conditions, considerate lecturers and helping students create setting for students with different impairments (visual, auditory, physical including wheel-chair users) encouraging and supporting them to successfully accomplish their studies of mathematics, physics and computer science.

The Faculty is also the seat of the Support Centre for Students with Specific Needs, which is a facility covering the whole university. It provides and coordinates support for students, including services, assistance with study-problems solving or adapting resources and literature, interpreting service for students with auditory impairment, orientation in new environment, individual classes in selected subjects, training in using assistive technologies, etc. Adequate study and exam adjustments include form and schedule specifications and in no case entail lowering of the performance requirements. The conditions for admission of students with specific needs are stipulated by the internal university regulation).

However demanding the studies at the FMPI are, their accomplishment opens doors to opportunities and success. Nevertheless, good preparation for the study is required. For students with disability, immobility or learning problems it is recommended to start preparation in advance and to consider the below guidance. 

Before submitting application for the admission to studies it is recommended: 

  • to address the faculty coordinator for students with specific needs and arrange for an appointment at the faculty
  •  to seek reliable information about the study requirements to be able to make responsible decision
  • to choose a study program for which the applicant is qualified and which allows for limitations due to health impairment
  • to inform the faculty (college) about the extent and character of specific needs even in the case the applicant qualifies for admission without taking the entrance examination 

On submission of application 

  • the application must enclose a request letter about the entrance exam adjustments, with a testimony by a doctor or an assistive centre attached
  • the request letter must specify the extent and character of the needed exam adjustments 

After the admission 

  • to send a request for enrollment in the register of students with specific needs at the faculty, enclosing obligatory documents
  • to contact the faculty coordinator and the Support Centre for Students with Specific Needs