Faculty of Mathematics, Physics
and Informatics
Comenius University Bratislava


Master's Degree Program





Usual duration:

2 years

Program director:

prof. RNDr. Ján Filo, CSc.

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This program is offered in English and Slovak languages.

Description of the Study Program

The aim of the Master's degree program in Mathematics is to produce experts with specialized skills within their own scientific discipline and an additional knowledge of related applied areas. Although the program is designed as a continuation of the Bachelor's study program in Mathematics at Comenius University, it is open to all eligible students from other universities.

What to Expect

The program is built on the three key areas of study that form the blocks of required elective courses: 

  • Mathematical analysis,
  • Mathematical structures,
  • Numerical Mathematics. 

The core courses are supplemented with additional optional courses. Students can select their required elective and optional courses according to their interests and abilities. It enables them to directly shape their professional profile.

Master's Thesis.  

The objective of diploma thesis is to process new mathematical theories. Thesis should demonstrate that students understood the topic and relevant results, they are able to apply them to solve practical problems, to modify them, and potentially to use them to obtain new original results suitable for publication in scientific literature.

Selected successful diploma theses of students in our program: 

Graduates' Career Opportunities

Our graduates will gain a good orientation in key disciplines of modern mathematics, and become familiar with the most important abstract and specific mathematical structures and relationships between them. They will learn how to solve problems using results and techniques in various areas of mathematics and computer science. Their theoretical knowledge will be combined with an ability to design mathematical models and to apply the theory in other scientific fields (physics, chemistry, biology, civil engineering, electrical engineering, economics). Moreover, our graduates will develop critical and logical thinking, and an ability to acquire new knowledge and to build on it.The study program also provides an opportunity and a requirement for students to individually extend their professional profile through a selection of optional courses offered by other study programs at our faculty.

Graduates typically find job opportunities in academic institutions in basic research, in applied research in academia or industry, in software companies, and in the financial sector. They are qualified to work anywhere where there is a need to create and apply mathematical models, to use them to seek and provide answers to relevant questions arising from applications, to design technological solutions, and to make competent decisions. Our best graduates typically continue their professional career in graduate programs at Slovak and foreign universities.