Faculty of Mathematics, Physics
and Informatics
Comenius University Bratislava

About the Faculty

Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics is consistently ranked as the best faculty in Slovakia. Such a high standing has been achieved thanks to the quality of our teachers and researchers, our openness, a broad international collaboration, and also thanks to our exceptional students. The faculty provides an environment that places high demands on students' skills, but also builds on mutual respect and friendly relationships between students and staff. Such an environment is a prerequisite to high quality education, exceptional research, and successful professional development of our students and staff. Our vision is to provide world class education programs based on high quality research with active student participation.  

Why to Choose Our Faculty?

We will help you to develop your unique professional personality with the prospect of a versatile career. You will be able to adjust your skills to address future challenges stemming from radically changing technologies. We emphasize and encourage individual approach to our students, creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. We require understanding of problems, creative approach to their analysis, and search for non-standard solutions in the context of internationally recognized research teams. 

Graduates' Career Opportunities

We have no unemployed graduates. It is our policy to ensure that our graduates not only have excellent knowledge of their chosen area of specialization, but are able to apply the acquired knowledge and further develop their skills after finishing their studies. Our graduates are flexible, they can address interdisciplinary problems, they are able to function in professional teams, and they can use a variety of technologies at a professional level. Examples of our graduates' employers include:

  • financial institutions, banks, and insurance companies,
  • international and Slovak academic institutions,
  • software development companies, startups, and other organizations dependent on information technologies, 
  • doctoral studies at foremost universities world-wide,
  • reasearch & development divisions of technology companies,
  • government.

Study Conditions

  • Education at the faculty is provided by the best experts in areas of mathematics, physics, and computer sicence.
  • Students are encouraged to contribute to international projects with involvement of our faculty members. Examples include: Mars exploration projects with NASA, quantum computing and laser-based communication with Princeton University, discovery of new heavy elements with GSI Darmstadt, experiments on the largest particle collider with CERN.
  • The faculty has modern laboratories, including Astronomy and Geophysics Observatory in Modra and Centre of Excelence for Physics of Complex Systems.
  • Students have access to modern computer labs, with an excellent internet connection.
  • Every year, students anonymously evaluate the faculty members, their comments contribute to the increase of the quality of our study programs and staff.
  • We provide opportunities for development of your language skills. Available courses include English, German, French, and Russian languages.
  • The faculty supports students with special needs and actively creates good conditions for handicapped students.
  • Our faculty provides great opportunities for sport activities, our students very succesfully participate in international competitions and tournaments.

ECTS Credit System

The faculty participates in ECTS credit system, which allows our students to take part of their courses at other universities abroad.