Faculty of Mathematics, Physics
and Informatics
Comenius University Bratislava

Computer Science

Master's Degree Program


Computer Science



Typical duration:

2 years
conversion program 3 years

Program director:

prof. RNDr. Rastislav Královič, PhD.

Related programs:  bachelor's degree programs Computer Science and Bioinformatics


This program is offered in English and Slovak languages.

Mission Statement

Computer science offers a variety of career paths that provide both interesting employment and reliable income. Over the last several decades, computers have gained a stable role in the human society, and thus the computer science education has become a key investment for the future as well.

Computing technologies are characterized by accelerating development. Computer hardware undergoes radical innovations every few years, and these changes are accompanied by new modes of use and new software development approaches. Thus computer scientists need to adapt to several significant technology changes during their careers.

To prepare our graduates for this reality, our program places strong emphasis on cultivating abstract thinking and effective problem solving. Experience from almost 40-year history of our program shows that these skills are the most important factor for successfully coping with increasing complexity of available technologies. The abilities to distinguish fundamental principles from implementation details, to discover similarities between problems, and to recognize weak arguments are a key to a succesful career in computer science. Our courses help to improve abstract thinking and flexibility, using current technologies as an illustration of general principles. This approach allows our graduates to gain not only education useful for their whole career, but also the ability to work with current technologies more efficiently than students trained in the latest paradigms only without deeper understanding of their principles.

What to Expect

The Master program in Computer science is a two-year program. For students with background different from our bachelor program graduates, we also offer a three-year conversion program, where the first year is used to cover missing prerequisites. The program gives students considerable flexibility in the course selection. The courses are classified as required, required elective, and optional. The requirements for degree completion are as follows:

  1. completion of all compulsory courses,
  2. completion of at least 120 credits, including at least 70 credits from compulsory electives,
  3. successful master thesis defense,
  4. successful oral state exam in one of the variants after completing prerequisites for the variant,
  5. completion of at least three courses in one specialization block.

Our program offers several options to specialize in different areas of computer science. Each option is defined by the list of prerequisites necessary for a particular variant of the final state exam and by a suggested list of additional optional courses. Two options (''software and information systems'' and ''theoretical computer science'') are more general with emphasis on technologies and methods, while the other two (''bioinformatics and machine learning'' and ''information security'') are more specialized.

Graduates' Career Opportunities

Our graduates are well prepared for doctoral studies, as well as for careers in the software industry. The goal of doctoral studies is to prepare students for independent research. It is required for academic careers at universities and research institutes but also in top research and development teams in the industry. Our university offers its own PhD. program in computer science. Our alumni have also successfully pursued doctoral studies at many renowned universities abroad, including Chicago U., Cornell U., EPFL Lausanne, ETH Zurich, KTH Stockholm, NTNU Trondheim, Oxford U., U. of Manchester, U. of Toronto, U. of Waterloo. This confirms that our master program provides a good foundation for a successful career in research and development.

Our Master program also supports a range of career paths in industry. Our graduates are characterized by their skills in abstract thinking allowing them to quickly master new areas. At the same time, the flexible nature of our program allows students to specialize in a selected area during their studies. Our alumni have successfully pursued various career paths, including building their own businesses, working in large software companies, such as Google, Microsoft and Yahoo, as well as employment in many other companies and organizations using information and communication technologies often at intellectually demanding posts.