Faculty of Mathematics, Physics
and Informatics
Comenius University in Bratislava


Description of the Study Program

The most significant knowledge and skills the graduate of the programme will obtain: 

  • completion of the BSc degree
  • ability to apply physical phenomena to everyday situations, insight into them, ability to measure related  physical quantities, statistically evaluate, process and interpret them 
  • skill to assemble simple physical aparature  needed for study of physics
  • ability to devise simple theoretical models describing the behaviour of diverse organic and inorganic natural systems, environmental systems and subsystems, as well as space phenomena and objects
  • skill to create computer programs for simulation and optimisation of physical, geophysical, biophysical, environmental as well as social and economic phenomena
  • competence to bring the latest knowledge in physics in a comprehensible way to common public
  • capability of communication with experts in connected fields, integration of  physical knowledge into them, and of creating models applicable in diverse areas of human activity
  • qualification  to perform complex experiments under the supervision of experienced physicists , or to independently solve fundamental problems in physics and apply physical laws in other areas of human activities
  • ability to develop in cooperation with technical staff novel materials and technological procedures
  • skill to operate different physical and technological devices
  • skill to work with basic software in statistical analysis of data, spreadsheet processors, text editors, hypertexts, graphical presentation and publication of results 
  • competence in at least one programming language
  • ability to apply broad mathematical knowledge, particularly of calculus, algebra and geometry, not only to physics, but also to other problems
  • good foundation for MasterĀ“s degree