Faculty of Mathematics, Physics
and Informatics
Comenius University Bratislava

Master's Degree Programs

The Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics offers master's degree study programs in a wide variety of areas of mathematics, physics, and computer science. We also provide teacher's training in these areas, and we offer several interdisciplinary study programs in collaboration with other institutions. All programs are accredited in both Slovak and English languages.

Follow this link for more details on the admission process and admission criteria

We encourage graduates of bachelor's degree programs from any university to apply for an admission to our master's degree programs. In case of graduates from other institutions, the program director will evaluate preparedness of the applicant by examining the applicant's transcript and by comparing finished courses with the requirements of the corresponding bachelor's degree program at our faculty. In some areas, we provide longer conversion programs recommended for applicants that did not take some of the important prerequisites during their bachelor's degree studies.

Legend: Not all programs are available in all languages. Programs marked by (sk) are available in the Slovak language, programs marked by (en) are available in the English language. Availability of conversion programs is marked by (conv).



Computer Science

Teacher Training and Education Science (in combination of two subjects)

General Conditions for Admissions

The most important condition for admission to a master's degree program is graduating from a bachelor's degree program. If entrance exams are required, the tests will include material at the level corresponding to bachelor's degree graduates at our faculty.

International students are required to fulfill conditions equivalent to students from Slovakia. Accepted applicants from abroad and Slovak citizens, who completed their bachelor's degree at institutions outside of Slovakia, will be required to provide Certificate of degree equivalence confirming that their bachelor's degree is recognized in Slovakia. All the required documentation must be provided to the Registrar's Office on the day of registration for the first year of studies at the latest (early September).

Each applicant should use only one application form, in which it is possible to list up to three study programs in the order of preference. We recommend listing the second and third choices in case you are not admitted to the program of your first choice. After the application form is received by the Registrar's Office, we will send you further instruction regarding the admission process and possible entrance exams. 

You can find admission requirements, as well as information on admission process at the following link.

Tuition Fees

Study programs in the English language, if they are also available in the Slovak language at any university in Slovakia, are subject to tuition fees. Study programs in English language are always subject to tuition fees for students, who are neither EU citizens nor have a permanent residence in EU. (See also Fee Schedule.)

We work with external partners to help our international students to cover their tuition fees and living expenses. Currently, available programs include:

Study programs in the Slovak language are not a subject to tuition fees for the period of their standard duration, regardless of citizenship or residency status of the student. Students studying multiple study programs at the same time or studying longer than the standard duration of the program are subject to tuition fees.

Exact rules are governed by the Act on Higher Education Institutions and the Fee Schedule updated on yearly basis.