Faculty of Mathematics, Physics
and Informatics
Comenius University Bratislava

Plasma Physics

Master's Degree Program





Usual duration:

2 years

Program director:

prof. RNDr. Štefan Matejčík, DrSc.

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This program is offered in English and Slovak languages.

Description of the Study Program

Study program Plasma physics is aimed on education of students to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge based on the current state of science and technology in the fields of plasma physics, experimental physics and vacuum physics and technology. Study program aims to develop the ability of their creative application in the profession or continuing in higher education according to the doctoral program.

What to Expect

Lectures and other subjects in the program can be divided into several blocks: 

  • Plasma physics (compulsory), the student receives theoretical and practical knowledge of the low and high temperature plasma, electrical discharges, plasma diagnostics, processes taking place in plasma, in the kinetics of plasma and in the application of plasma physics and electrical discharges in practice.
  • Experimental Physics (compulsory), in which the student obtains the basic knowledge of condensed matter, vacuum physics, optics and spectroscopic methods and electronics in the form of lectures, courses and laboratory practicals
  • Block of compulsory/optional courses of plasma physics and experimental physics, in which the student can choose the subjects for extending compulsory subjects
  • Diploma thesis (compulsory), student is adopting the principle of independent work in dealing with scientific research tasks related to the diploma thesis
  • State Examination (compulsory)
  • Optional subjects and courses of plasma physics - student in addition to the choice of subjects offered in this block is free to choose any subjects from other programs of master´s studies. 

Master's Thesis. Diploma thesis in master´s degree program Plasma Physics are focused on solution of experimental or theoretical issues in the field of plasma physics, electrical discharges, processes in plasma and their applications. The aim of the thesis is to obtain the ability of independent acquiring of theoretical and practical knowledge based on the present state of science and creative application and development of new information mainly in the field of plasma physics. The student demonstrates the ability to study the scientific and research issues, to analyse the results obtained in the solution of issue and to formulate conclusions.

Examples of final thesis of our graduated students: 

Graduates' Career Opportunities

Graduated student of Plasma Physics Master´s Degree is able to solve physical problems individually or in teams, primarily in the field of experimental physics, plasma physics, gas discharge and vacuum physics. Graduate knows the basic methods of experimental physics and is able to apply them. He can apply obtained knowledge of plasma physics and plasma technologies in other disciplines to create and use computer models of physical phenomena and processes and competently use vacuum or plasma equipment. Study of Plasma physic Master´s Degree Program is precondition for the continuation to the third level of education (PhD), especially in the program of study Plasma Physics.

Plasma physics and vacuum physics are applied in many of today's modern technologies. The development of microelectronics (plasma chemical etching, thin film formation), nanotechnology and new materials is based on the plasma technologies. Plasma is successfully used for surface treatment of synthetic and natural polymer materials and for the disposal of air pollutants. Among the particularly important and topical areas belongs also research in high-temperature plasma, especially the use of fusion energy as one of the potential technologies solving the future global energy crisis. The program provides a broader knowledge in the field of plasma physics, electrical discharges in gases and vacuum physics and their technological applications. Graduates of the program in addition to knowledge of plasma physics receive a thorough background in electronics, optics, spectroscopy and condensed matter. This experimental base enables application not only in research (universities and research centers at home and abroad) but also directly in industrial and technological centers. The study of mentioned program is not available at any other university in Slovakia.