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Teaching Physics in combination

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Master's study program


Teacher Training and Education Science



Usual duration:

2 years
3 years (conversion program)

Language of courses:

Slovak and English

Program directors:

doc. RNDr. Peter Demkanin, PhD.
prof. RNDr. Miroslav Prokša, CSc. (Pedagogy Basics)

Co-Guarantors: doc. PaedDr. Klára Velmovská, PhD.
doc. PaedDr. Viera Haverlíková, PhD.
doc. PaedDr. RNDr. Zuzana Haláková, PhD.
doc. RNDr. Štefan Karolčík, PhD.
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This program is offered only in Slovak languages.

Description of the Study Program

Graduate of the 2nd level of university study teaching physics in combination in the field of study 38, Teaching and pedagogical sciences is qualified to perform the profession of a qualified teacher of approbation subjects of his specialization at the level of lower and upper secondary education. According to Act no. 138/2019 Coll. §28 is a career pedagogical employee who has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of teaching. He masters extended pedagogical content knowledge of a physics teacher, as well as a deeper understanding of the disciplines of his specialization and the content of several psychological and pedagogical disciplines. He acquires pedagogical competence during the preparation of the subjects of pedagogical-psychological basis, general and professional didactics of relevant approbation subjects and continuous pedagogical practice in each year of 2nd degree of university study in the total extent of at least ten weeks under the supervision of erudite experts from practice. He manages independent planning and design of teaching in the school classroom, its implementation and reflection in profile educational areas. In addition, the graduate can perform the profession of methodology for teaching specific subjects and subject groups as a government official for education and training in primary and secondary schools. However, he can also continue in the third degree of university studies.

What to Expect

The study sub-program is designed so that, together with the sub-program aimed at obtaining further approval and the general pedagogical basis, they form a compact study program. Following the tradition of training future physics teachers, the sub-program develops pedagogical content knowledge of a physics teacher - especially the selected knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for a beginning physics teacher.

Students' knowledge, abilities and skills directly related to the teaching profession are developed by the subjects Didactics of Physics (1) and (2); School experiments practicum; Methods for solving physical problems; Current trends in physics didactics. In addition, the study includes an extended university physics course for future physics teachers (Theoretical Physics; Selected Chapters from Modern Physics; Astronomy and Meteorology). Great emphasis is placed on the possibilities of students in selecting compulsory and elective courses.

Master’s Thesis

With the diploma thesis, students demonstrate the ability to independently acquire theoretical and practical knowledge based on the current state of science and creatively apply, use and develop it. The student prepares the final thesis under the supervision of the thesis supervisor. The teachers of the physics teaching sub-program deal with several research tasks and, within an individual approach to the interests of individual students, offer final theses topics corresponding to the vision of the development of selected aspects of physics education.

Examples of successful final theses of our students (only in SK language):

Graduates' Career Opportunities

At graduation, the graduate is ready to practice as a qualified teacher in the category of a lower secondary school teacher, higher secondary school teacher, or employee in governmental and non-governmental organizations in cultural and social facilities.