Faculty of Mathematics, Physics
and Informatics
Comenius University in Bratislava

Computer Science

Bachelor's Degree Program


Computer Science



Usual duration:

3 years

Program director:

doc. RNDr. Daniel Olejár, PhD. 

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Description of the Study Program

Informatics (often referred to as computer science) is the science dealing with information processing; it concentrates especially on the development of automated information processing methods, information and computer systems. Nowadays we can hardly find an area of human activity, which can exist without computers and modern information and communication technologies. Comenius University was the birthplace of the first university program in computer science in former Czechoslovakia.  The program was created in the early seventies of the previous century and has influenced substantially the development of computer science education in Czechoslovakia. Though almost every University in Slovakia offers computer science program today and also the original computer science program underwent many substantial changes, it still preserves the features which makes it unique. 

We have designed the bachelor program to enable its graduates to meet the growing requirements of the scientific, technologic and social development. The theoretical base of the study provides the graduates knowledge with permanent validity and forms the way of their thinking (exactness and the ability of abstraction). The core of the study program is supported by a relatively large set of special subjects, enabling more detailed specialization in a chosen area of computer science. The students have two principal alternatives: they can choose a set of practical subjects and after finishing such program, they can start their professional careers; or they can promote the core of program and then they can continue in the chosen specialization in the master program of informatics.