Faculty of Mathematics, Physics
and Informatics
Comenius University in Bratislava

Renewable Energy Sources and Environmental Physics

Bachelor's Degree Program





Usual duration:

3 years
conversion program 4 years

Program director:

doc. RNDr. Ivan Sýkora, PhD. 

Related study programsmaster's degree program Environmental Physics, Renewable Energy Sources, and Meteorology and Climatology and next master's degree program in Physics

Description of the Study Program

Environmental physics is nowadays one of the established branches of physics which is studying at many universities in the world. An accredited bachelor's degree program renewable energy and environmental physics has not been studied in Slovak Republic so far on any other university. Its introduction in the study at the faculty eliminates the gap in the education of specialists in environmental physics in Slovakia. The study of this program also creates the prerequisites for the continuation of the second and third stage of the study. The aim is to prepare specialists in the interdisciplinary field of study that are capable to solve the problems at the interface of various physical (radiation physics, physics of the Earth, water and the atmosphere, solid state physics, biophysics, chemical physics), and with the knowledge of the other science disciplines (mathematics, chemistry, biology, geography, hydrology).