Faculty of Mathematics, Physics
and Informatics
Comenius University in Bratislava

Applied Informatics

Bachelor's Degree Program


(Applied Informatics - until 31.8.2019)



Usual duration:

3 years

Program director:

 doc. RNDr. Damas Gruska, PhD. 

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Description of the Study Program

The study of Applied Informatics at our university differs in many ways from the study of this field at other universities. We have always been aiming at teaching students to think, i.e., to be able to analyze a problem, to abstract its core, and finally to find the best solution. This is a basic competence in the most demanding fields of study and application. Information technology is one of the fields that are being developed extremely rapidly and without these skills it is not possible to be successful in it in a longer term.

Moreover, we have the advantage of having excellent scientists and teachers not only in computer science but also in mathematics and physics. This allows us to offer students really the best lectures on a large variety of subjects.

In Applied Informatics to all this we add solid foundations of the “craft”. We have involved the representatives of major software companies in the creation of the study program. They also participate in teaching and supervising bachelor theses.

In addition to acquiring the fundamentals of the craft, students can choose specialized courses according to their interests in a wide range – from computer graphics, visualization, and image recognition, through artificial intelligence, logic, database systems, development of information systems to applications in the field of cognitive science.

We offer all this not only in a high professional and educational quality, but also in the friendly atmosphere of collegiality of teachers and students, which is fondly remembered by our graduates long after finishing the school.