Faculty of Mathematics, Physics
and Informatics
Comenius University in Bratislava

Library and Publishing Services

The Library and Publishing Services provide students and faculty members with access to the library and on-line resources for research and teaching. The center also directs acquisitions of library material in accordance with the academic and educational framework of the faculty. Finally, the center provides consulting services and support for publishing.

Organisational Structure, Staff, Contacts

PhDr. Adriana Gersová I 31 195  
Associate Director:
PhDr. Klaudia Bokesová I 1 459  

Non-Academic Staff:
Ing. Zina Bartošová I 29 821  
Eva Belicová I -1 191  
Ing. Judita Berezňáková I 29 821  
PhDr. Klaudia Bokesová I 1 459  
Margita Gáliková I 30 656  
PhDr. Adriana Gersová I 31 195  
Alžbeta Hašková I 30 656  
Mgr. Michaela Melicherová I 1 459
RNDr. Alexandra Mojžišová, PhD.  M 136 755
Lenka Obická  I -1 191
Daniela Somorovská I -1 191  
Mgr. Dajana Stančiaková I -1 191