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Mind as an Object / Martin Takáč

Martin Takáč, whose professional interest is in computer simulations of the human mind and developing so-called "digital people", in his essay "Mind as an Object" focuses on how we understand (or do not understand) the world we have been creating. Will we be able to retain humanity and independent thinking?

18. 11. 2020 23.06 hod.
By: Martin Takáč

Technologies are beginning to live their own lives - they are gaining their own dynamics and inertia, and we are rapidly losing understanding of them. Should we slow down to clearly perceive the line between human and artificial, to protect human integrity and dignity, even in a future world where technology will be able to read our own thoughts? Our limitations, our irrationality, slowness and fallacy, even that makes us human. Martin Takáč is looking for a new myth, new symbolic images that will serve as an internal resource for us in a time of rapid and difficult to understand changes in the world and in ourselves. The book Mind as an Object is the fifteenth volume of the Skica (Sketch) edition, which is brought by the Absynt Publishing House under the Kalligram brand.

Publisher: Absynt
ISBN: 978-80-89916-96-2
Year: 2020