Faculty of Mathematics, Physics
and Informatics
Comenius University in Bratislava

Seminar on Qualitative Theory of Differential Equations - Marek Fila (22.3.2018)

Thursday 22.3.2018 at 14:00 hod., Lecture room M/223

15. 03. 2018 13.44 hod.
By: Pavol Quittner

Marek Fila:
A Gagliardo-Nirenberg-type inequality and its applications to decay estimates for solutions of a degenerate parabolic equation

We discuss a Gagliardo-Nirenberg-type inequality for functions with fast decay. We use this inequality to derive upper bounds for the decay rates of solutions of a degenerate parabolic equation. Moreover, we show that these upper bounds, hence also the Gagliardo-Nirenberg-type inequality, are sharp in an appropriate sense. 

This is a joint work with Michael Winkler.

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