Faculty of Mathematics, Physics
and Informatics
Comenius University in Bratislava

Seminar of Cognitive Science - Martin Madaras (17.4.2018)

Tuesday 17.4.2018 at 16:30, Lecture room I/9

13. 04. 2018 10.48 hod.
By: Igor Farkaš

Mgr. Martin Madaras, PhD.:
Motion Tracking, Surface Fusion and Dynamic Model Reconstruction of Human Body using 3D Cameras

Capturing the movement of a human body is a challenging problem. The surface of the body deforms in a complex way that is hard to be described in a precise way. Therefore, in computer graphics, this complex deformation is usually approximated by the so-called animation skeleton. The skeleton segments the body surface into a set of several rigid areas, and surface deformation of the body is approximated by a rigid transformations of the skeleton. The topic becomes even more challenging if we want to capture not only the movement, but also the point cloud frames of the body, and later reconstruct the whole 3D model of the subject. Since the body can be in different poses each frame, the so-called non-rigid surface fusion has to be performed. This step consists of transforming each point cloud into a normalized pose, where the individual surface sheets need to be stitched. Finally, we would like to reconstruct the 3D model of the subject and transform it into a desired pose. Having a single camera only, a visible surface area is limited, and thus the deformations on the back faced body parts need to be approximated. This can be be either computed using physical simulation that is very time and power consuming, or approximated using machine learning and statistical models.

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