Faculty of Mathematics, Physics
and Informatics
Comenius University Bratislava

Nuclear Seminar - Adriana Dohnalová (26.4.2023)

Wednesday 26.4.2023 at 14:00, Lecture room F1/364

20. 04. 2023 13.45 hod.
By: Jaroslav Staníček

Mgr. Adriana Dohnalová:
Run 3 Minimum Bias analysis and low transverse momentum tracking

The seminar will revolve around ongoing Run 3 Minimum Bias analysis, which measures charged particle distributions using tracks recorded by the ATLAS detector at total collision energy of 13.6 TeV. This measurements are necessary to describe strong interactions in soft QCD where perturbative approach is not allowed and therefore phenomenology is required. Procedure in which the track selection is corrected for the fraction of tracks originating from secondary particles will be described. The problems arising in low transverse momentum (below 500 MeV) tracking will be presented as well as prepared analysis with lowered magnetic field which aims to extend the transverse momentum coverage to the region below 100 MeV.