Faculty of Mathematics, Physics
and Informatics
Comenius University Bratislava

Doctoral colloquium - Dominika Mihálová (27.3.2023)

Monday 27.3.2023 at 13:10, Lecture room I/9

23. 03. 2023 09.26 hod.
By: Damas Gruska

Dominika Mihálová:
Optimal structures based on algebraic constructions

The use of computers to solve problems in the field of mathematics has become more important with the growing complexity of the considered problems. In our work, we focus on two different problems: the Cage problem from the area of Extremal Graph Theory and the Regular representation problem from the area of Algebraic Graph Theory. We present the Cage problem and computational techniques of how to approach it for given specific parameters. We describe our computational approach to the Regular representation problem of k-uniform hypergraphs for groups of order smaller than 33 with our published results.