Faculty of Mathematics, Physics
and Informatics
Comenius University Bratislava

Doctoral colloquium - Daniel Kyselica (20.3.2023)

Monday 20.3.2023 at 13:10, Lecture room I/9

15. 03. 2023 16.05 hod.
By: Damas Gruska

Daniel Kyselica:
Processing of light curves of satellites and space debris for the purpose of their identification

With the increase in space traffic in recent years, precise monitoring of space debris is necessary. Observations in form of light curves provide us with information about an object’s physical properties including shape, size, surface materials and rotation. Publicly available databases contain a huge amount of gathered light curves that can be used to train machine learning models. Pieces of space debris can fall down to the Earth in a process called reentry, therefore 3D reconstruction of this event can bring more understanding of the physical processes.