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Konzultačné hodiny

Konzultačné hodiny v skúškovom období ZS 2021


UTOROK:08:30- 9:30

STREDA: 10:15- 11:15



Konverzačný kurz anglického jazyka

Join and Stay Connected with English through Conversational Classes


All students interested  to widen their vocabulary and further improve their fluency in a friendly environment are most welcome to participate in weekly conversational English lessons.

The lessons are designed for students who have already passed the English 4 course and are willing to actively engage during weekly sessions.

 Conditions to gain the credits for this course are to actively orally participate during lessons and showcase the ability to present writing skills on a required status.

 Lessons to be held:

Tuesdays - 09:50- 11:20 F 1-246

Wednesdays- 13:10- 14:40 F 1-246     


In case of any queries please do not hesitate and contact:

Mgr. Aneta Barnes, Room F2- 286 during consultation hours (Tuesdays- 08.30-09.30 or Wednesdays- 10:15-11:15) or get in touch by email-aneta.barnes@fmbh.uniba.sk




Slovenský jazyk


Slovak Courses for Foreign Students- Winter term 2021

The department of foreign languages is delighted to announce an exciting new course aimed to rapidly improve students' knowledge in the Slovak language.

This course caters for foreign students with some background knowledge (intermediate level) as well as for the absolute novices (beginners).

The Slovak language course is focused on gradually developing all four language skills to master this beautifully sounding language!

Prerequisites: Students signing up for the intermediate level should be able to formulate basic sentences in present tense and have some prior vocabulary in Slovak. Knowledge of declination and conjugation of nouns, adjectives and pronouns is a bonus. Students with any kind of Slavonic background need to sign up for the intermediate level classes.

Beginner course students are required to download a Pdf of Krížom- Krážom Slovenčina A1 book as well as Krížom- Krážom Slovenčina Cvičebnica A1+A2.

Students of the intermediate course need to download a Pdf of Krížom- Krážom Slovenčina A2 and Krížom- Krážom Slovenčina Cvičebnica A1+A2.

Beginners' classes: Tuesdays- 11:30- 13:00 F1-246

Intermediate classes: Wednesdays- 11:30- 13:00 F2-283

In case of any queries, please do not hesitate and contact: Mgr. Aneta Barnes, Room F2-286 durig consultation hours (Tuesdays-08:30-09:30 or Wednesdays- 10:15- 11:15) or get in touch by email:aneta.barnes@fmbh.uniba.sk