Faculty of Mathematics, Physics
and Informatics
Comenius University in Bratislava

Department of Theoretical Physics and Physics Education

The department is involved in lecturing core courses that are part of the bachelor program Physics, and provides master program Theoretical Physics, as well as bachelor and master teacher's training programs with physics specialization. Additionally, it also provides doctoral programs General Physics and Mathematical Physics, and Theory of Physics Education. Studies in Theoretical Physics include Mathematical Physics, High Energy Physics, Gravitation Theory and Many Body Physics. 

The Theoretical Physics Section focuses its research on fields of Particle Physics, Many Body Systems, Mathematical Physics, Gravitation Theory and Cosmology. Faculty members actively  collaborate with scientists at foreign universities in Vienna, Graz, Helsinki, Birmingham and Geneva, and research institutes DIAS Dublin, SISSA Trieste, DESY Hamburg and JINR Dubna. They participate directly on research in the LHC ATLAS and ALICE Experiments and NA62 Experiment at CERN, Geneva. 

The main research focus of Didactics of Physics Section is on establishing physics education contents, designing physics textbooks for elementary and secondary schools, and designing physics demontrations and methodology in physics education. The Section closely collaborates with various units of Ministry of Education, elementary and secondary schools, the IBO international organization, producers of physics teaching aids, and other organizations involved in preparation of future physics teachers and advanced post-graduate teacher education.  

Organisational Structure, Staff, Contacts

Department Chair:
doc. RNDr. Tomáš Blažek, PhD. F2 146 762, 663  
Associate Department Chair:
doc. RNDr. Peter Demkanin, PhD. F1 165 661  
Director for Administration:
doc. RNDr. Marián Fecko, PhD. F2 107 664  
Director for Information Technologies:
RNDr. Eduard Masár, CSc. F2 134 394  
Administrative Assistant:
Marcela Poláková F1 166 661  

Professors Emeriti:
prof. Ing. Milan Noga, DrSc. F2 141 116  

Division of Theoretical Physics

Division Chair:
doc. RNDr. Tomáš Blažek, PhD. F2 146 762, 663  
Academic Staff:
doc. RNDr. Vladimír Balek, CSc. F2 105 658  
doc. RNDr. Tomáš Blažek, PhD. F2 146 762, 663  
doc. RNDr. Vladimír Černý, PhD. F2 137 397  
prof. RNDr. Anna Zuzana Dubničková, DrSc. F2 104 657  
doc. RNDr. Marián Fecko, PhD. F2 107 664  
Mgr. Peter Maták, PhD. F2 145 460  
doc. RNDr. Martin Mojžiš, PhD. F2 133 641  
prof. RNDr. Peter Prešnajder, DrSc. F2 106 579  
Mgr. Michal Širaň, PhD. F2 135 653  
Mgr. Juraj Tekel, PhD. F2 136 653  
Research Staff:
RNDr. Eduard Masár, CSc. F2 134 394  

Division of Didactics of Physics

Division Chair:
doc. RNDr. Peter Demkanin, PhD. F1 165 661  
Academic Staff:
PaedDr. Soňa Chalupková, PhD. F1 159 218  
doc. RNDr. Peter Demkanin, PhD. F1 165 661  
PaedDr. Peter Horváth, PhD. F1 158 326  
doc. PaedDr. Klára Velmovská, PhD. F1 157 422  

Departmental Non-Academic Staff:
Marcela Poláková F1 166 661  

Graduate Students:
Mgr. Ágnes BazsoF1 159218 
Mgr. Samuel BeznákF2 132176 
Mgr. Ľuboš BičianF2 132176 
Mgr. Jakub ČevajkaF1 148  
Mgr. Tünde KissF1 148  
Mgr. Lucia KlinovskáF1 250285 
Mgr. Milan KováčF1 148  
Mgr. Zuzana KučerováF2 132176 
Mgr. Matej SárenýF2 132176 
Mgr. Zuzana ŠinskáF2 132176 
Mgr. Jana ŠtefaňákováF1 250285 
Mgr. Mária ŠubjakováF2 132176 
PaedDr. Jozef TrenčanF1 250285 
Mgr. Anna TrúsikováF1 250285 
Mgr. Jarier WannousF1 148