Faculty of Mathematics, Physics
and Informatics
Comenius University Bratislava

Students charged up by Physics Naboj

FMPH students of The NGO Trojsten organized an adrenaline team contest, which took place on Friday, November 4. The contest originated at the faculty and within the last 19 years has widespread into three other countries of Central Europe. 400 high-school students participated in the event together with several special teams – PhD students and assistants of the Faculty and researchers from the Slovak Aacademy of Sciences.

25. 11. 2016 14.15 hod.
By: Matej Badin

The 19th year of Physics Naboj hosted over 400 students in 80 teams. The aim was to solve as many as possible interesting problems in physics within a 2-hour time limit. The solutions required more than mere application of learnt formulas, they demanded creativity, ingenuity in unconventional approaches and analytical skills.

High-schoolers competed in two categories: junior (first and second year of high school) and senior (third and fourth year). The best five teams in each category obtained prizes donated by the Trojsten sponsors as well as by producers of board and family games Albi and Mindok, and the Slovak book store - Martinus. At the same time, Slovak high-schoolers competed with their peers in Hungary, Czech Republic and Poland. The Physics Naboj was thus joined by more than 650 students from four countries.

Both categories were won by the teams from Gymnázium Jura Hronca in Bratislava, which also beat the teams from abroad and became international winners of the contest. The photo shows four of five members of the winning team: (from the left) Filip Čermák, Peter Ralbovský, Martin Marek, Juraj Halabrin at the prize presenting ceremony. Matúš Drgoň was the last but not least team member.

Two other interesting contestants´ teams participated in the event: PhD students and assistants from the FMPI among whom were several organizers of the first Charge contests, and the researchers from the Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS) among whom were former organizers of the Physics Correspondence Seminar. The PhD students beat the best high-school teams, which was not the case in the last years. Amazingly enough, within the given time limit the SAS researchers couldn´t solve one of the problems which was not a challenge even for the younger high-schoolers.

The Dean of the Faculty Professor Jozef Masarik took part in the opening ceremony, appreciating the high number of young people devoted to physics.

The event provided interesting program for teachers who were accompanying their students to the facility.

Trojsten is an NGO which organizes a number of extracuricullar activities for high school and primary school students. The tradition of correspondence seminars dates back to 1980s. Apart from the Naboj which takes place three times a year, and the correspondence seminars, Trojsten arranges regular summer and winter camps for most successful seminar participants, team competitions in solving of creative problems, as well as popular lectures for primary and secondary schoolers. More information on trojsten.sk.