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FMPI UK students successful at the "Mirrror" of the 77TH Putman competition

Martin Vodička comes second overall, garnering grand first prize.

24. 03. 2017 13.09 hod.
By: Martin Niepel

The 77th Putnam Competition took place in the US and Canada on December 3, 2016. A day later, on Sunday, December 4, more than 230 students in 9 countries in Eastern Europe and Asia grappled with identical problems during the "mirror" of the renowned mathematical competition. This year, our faculty has for the first time taken part in its organization, and five students expressed their interest in participation. Two three-hour sessions included six problems, which, along with their solutions, are available at: http://kskedlaya.org/putnam-archive/ 

After checking students’ answers and following international coordination, the final results of the “mirror“ were made public on March 4, 2017.

The students of our faculty have achieved the following results: 

  • 2nd place: Martin Vodička (Mathematics -1st year masters) 99 p. Grand First Prize
  • 24th-27th place: Michal Tóth (Mathematics - 2nd year masters) 59 p. First Prize
  • 47th-49th place: Simona Veselá (Mathematics - 1st year) 43 p. Second Prize
  • 50th-52nd place: Jozef Rajník (Informatics, - 3rd year) 42 p. Second Prize
  • 131st-135th place: Slavomír Hanzely (Informatics -1st year) 19 p. Honourable mention  

Overall, 234 students took part in the competition from 36 universities and 9 countries.

Complete list of results