Faculty of Mathematics, Physics
and Informatics
Comenius University Bratislava

Seminar of Cognitive Science - Vladimíra Kurincová Čavojová (18.10.2016)

Tuesday 18.10.2016 at 16:30, Lecture room I/9

14. 10. 2016 13.03 hod.
By: Igor Farkaš

PaedDr. Vladimíra Kurincová Čavojová, PhD.:
Irrationality and intuition

Our research is focused on the role of intuition in (rational) decision-making. Intuition can be conceptualised as automatic processing of information. Its positive aspects are manifested when our automatic responses are based on extensive experience (intuition as expertise, intuition as somatic markers); on the other hand, it can be manifested in superficial processing (relying on the first thing that comes to our mind) or be expressed as belief in supernatural and it can lead to suboptimal decisions. Our research revolves around three main topics, which I will introduce together with our preliminary findings and future directions.
1. How irrational beliefs relate to cognitive abilities, thinking dispositions and cognitive biases.
2. How political/religious affiliation influences our reasoning about controversial topics.
3. How optimistic bias and overconfidence relate to irrationality.

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