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and Informatics
Comenius University Bratislava

Nuclear Seminar - Vladimír Slugeň (15.11.2023)

Wednesday 15.11.2023 at 14:00, Lecrure room F1/364

09. 11. 2023 15.46 hod.
By: Jaroslav Staníček

prof. Ing. Vladimír Slugeň, DrSc. (Institute of Nuclear and Physical Engineering,  FEI STU, Bratislava):
Commissioning of NPP Mochovce 3th unit

On Saturday evening 14.10.2023, the 144-hour testing proof of NPP Mochovce 3rd unit on the operating power level 100% was successfully performed. By this final test the power commissioning procedure has been finished. Obstacles in commissioning process will be discussed in detail. Even though the 30-year long effort was finally finished and the most expensive build in Slovak history was successfully completed, the Slovak nation was happier about the football triumph 1:0 with Luxemburg. Why?