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Nuclear Seminar - Martin Venhart (27.10.2021)

Wednesday 27.10.2021 at 14:00, Lecture rook F1/364 (online too)

21. 10. 2021 16.29 hod.
By: Jaroslav Staníček

Mgr. Martin Venhart, PhD. (Institute of Physics, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Vice President of SAS)

Názov: Nuclear Structure of Extremely Neutron-deficient Au Isotopes

MS Teams

The most neutron-deficient gold isotopes have been the subject of an extensive program of investigation using gamma-ray and conversion electron studies following beta decay, in-beam reaction gamma-ray spectroscopy, spectroscopy of directly produced isomeric states, laser-induced hyperfine spectroscopy and alpha-decay studies of thallium isotopes. Nevertheless, in comparison to the heavier thallium and gold isotopes, where multiple shape coexistence has been established, a rich variety of structures remains to be discovered.

In the seminar, recent results on extremely neutron-deficient 177,179Au isotopes will be presented. Most notably, strong mixing of strongly and weakly deformed structures observed in 177Au, which does not have a precedence in heavier Au isotopes. Various nuclear isomers, very recently discovered in 179Au will be presented, together with their implications on multiple shape coexistence and triaxial deformation.

The data, that will be presented, were acquired at the University of Jyvaskyla, Finland, within a scope of the S17 and JR115 experiments, led by the Institute of Physics, Slovak Academy of Sciences.