Faculty of Mathematics, Physics
and Informatics
Comenius University Bratislava

Physics Education / Peter Demkanin

for Pre-Service and In-Service Physics Teachers

14. 11. 2018 22.41 hod.
By: Peter Demkanin

Physics teacher today at a secondary school is facing demanding task – to work with children, adolescents, with their parents, to fulfil goals of physics education, clearly present her/his requirements towards pupils and consistently demand to meet them by them, to activate pupils for awareness of their process of learning, to learn pupils to observe, measure, make experiments, inquire, and lead them to thinking, to utilisation of their own previous knowledge. Besides investigating nature, physics teacher teaches also some technologies. In these two sentences are presented eight chapters of this book. Next chapters are devoted to informal and unformal physics education, concepts formation and concept transformation, to science projects at schools and to assessment. In conclusion, some historical view and some vision to the future is offered.

The book is available in Slovak for now.

Publisher: Comenius University Publishing
ISBN: 978-80-223-4374-9
Year: 2018