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The Principia : Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy / translation to Slovak language J. Šebesta

Doc. Juraj Šebesta translated to Slovak language books by sir Isaac Newton

08. 11. 2021 09.13 hod.
By: Peter Demkanin

A few weeks ago, our colleague doc. Juraj Šebesta published his translation of Sir Isaac Newton's books. It is not usual for a foreign book to wait for its first Slovak edition for 170 years (or 334 years from the original Latin edition). Most books lose their relevance and become forgotten much sooner. The fact that Šebest's Slovak edition of Newton's books came now cannot be just a coincidence. The book has a great potential to contribute, among other things, to the development of the learning sciences. How does the theory come about? How are hypotheses formulated? How to explain the phenomenon by referring to known facts? As doc. Šebesta writes in the preface, "although the Principles are a mathematical and partly physics book, there are many, many ideas in it, which can engage also ...". 

ISBN: 978-227-5095-0
Year: 2021