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Iterative Learning Control for Equations with Fractional Derivatives and Impulses / JinRong Wang, Shengda Liu, Michal Fečkan

Part of the book series: Studies in Systems, Decision and Contro

02. 12. 2022 12.14 hod.
By: Michal Fečkan

This book introduces iterative learning control (ILC) and its applications to the new equations such as fractional order equations, impulsive equations, delay equations, and multi-agent systems, which have not been presented in other books on conventional fields. ILC is an important branch of intelligent control, which is applicable to robotics, process control, and biological systems. The fractional version of ILC updating laws and formation control are presented in this book. ILC design for impulsive equations and inclusions are also established. The broad variety of achieved results with rigorous proofs and many numerical examples make this book unique. 

This book is useful for graduate students studying ILC involving fractional derivatives and impulsive conditions as well as for researchers working in pure and applied mathematics, physics, mechanics, engineering, biology, and related disciplines.

Publisher:: Springer
ISBN: 978-981-16-8243-8
Year: 2022