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Professor Markoš´s paper among the most significant works of the Physical Review B

On the anniversary of the Physical Review B journal its editors select the most significant works published within the last 50 years. Among them is a paper co-authored by Professor Markoš.

08. 04. 2020 14.29 hod.
By: Peter Markoš

American physics journal Physical Review B has celebrated the 50th anniversary of its existence. On that occasion the editorial staff has made a selection of most significant papers which have been published in the journal since 1970. Among them is the paper Determination of effective permittivity and permeability of metamaterials from reflection and transmission coefficients  [Physical Review B 65 (2002) 195104] co-authored by P.Markoš of the FMPI (at the time of the paper release he was a researcher at the Physical Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences).

The paper was published in the autumn 2001 when P. Markoš was staying at the Iowa State University Ames (USA). At that time the research in metamaterials ( physical structures created in laboratories and designed to have extra-ordinary properties not encountered in known materials) was one of the primary current physics problems. The concept of metamaterials appeared in 2000 and immediately became an issue addressing the fundamental physics principles. The authors of the abovementioned paper suggested a general method for calculation of effective parameters of metamaterials, and numerically proved a negative refraction index in a specific metamaterial.  P.Markoš contributed by the numerical calculation of the electromagnetic-wave transition through the metamaterial providing data for the frequency dependence of the metamaterial´s parameters which he obtained together with the first author D. Smith.

The paper´s first two authors, Prof. D. Smith and S. Shultz, published first experimental information on the structure and properties of metamaterials. D. Smith was a candidate for the Nobel Prize for physics for several years. C. Soukoulis and D. Smith were awarded the Descartes prize for their research in metamaterials in 2005.

Physical Review B is one of the descendants of the Physical Review magazine, which was issued by the American Physical Society. In 1970 it split into five sections. One of them, Physical Review B, is focused on research in solid state physics and structure and properties of materials. During its whole existence it has been among the superior periodicals  dealing with physics.  Since 1970 it has published more than 200,000 research papers.

The article is available at https://journals.aps.org/prb/abstract/10.1103/PhysRevB.65.195104 and also
https://arxiv.org/pdf/physics/0111203. According to google scholar it has received more than 2800 reviews.