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Comenius University Bratislava

The Czech-Slovak Student Scientific Conference in Physics in Prague

Students of the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics, and Informatics at Comenius University in Bratislava once again excelled at the Czech-Slovak Student Scientific Conference in Physics, which took place at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University in Prague.

03. 10. 2023 12.07 hod.
By: Juraj Tekel

Shortly before the beginning of the winter semester, on the 14th and 15th of September 2023, the 13th Czech-Slovak Student Scientific Conference in the field of physics was held at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles University. The event featured presentations of nearly 50 works covering various fields of physics. Students from seven Slovak and Czech faculties presented the results of theirs scientific activities in five sections: Theoretical Physics, Biophysics and Physics of Molecular Systems; Particle and Nuclear Physics; Condensed Matter Physics; Physics of the Earth and the Universe; General Physics, and Didactics of Physics. The contributions to the competition were nominated by the faculties based on faculty rounds of the Student`s Scientific Conference or other recommendations from individual departments. In addition to the academic part, where students shared their knowledge, experience, and the results of their scientific work, the conference also comprised a competitive section, and expert juries in all sections were given a challenging task of selecting the best works. Twenty students from our faculty - nominated by the faculty's committees - travelled to Prague in April 2023. The following were among the top three works in Prague: 

  • Lívia SobinovskáEducational game "Physics Brainbox," section General Physics and Didactics of Physics – 1st place, supervised by PaedDr. Tünde Kozánek Kiss, PhD. a doc. PaedDr. Viera Haverlíková, PhD.,

  • Benedek Bukor Second-order kinetic term effective actions for matrix model description of fuzzy field theories, section Theoretical Physics, Biophysics, and Physics of Molecular Systems – 2nd place, supervised by Mgr. Juraj Tekel, PhD.,

  • Marek GocníkInfluence of spatial heterogeneity on the mechanical properties of supergrids and multilayer coatings, section Condensed Matter Physics – 2nd place, supervised by doc. Ing. Marián Mikula, PhD.,

  • Veronika Benková - The role of magnetic nanoparticles in chemotherapy and tumor hyperthermia, section Theoretical Physics, Biophysics, and Physics of Molecular Systems – 3rd place, supervised by prof. RNDr. Melánia Babincová, DrSc.,

  • Mária PaprskárováFragmentation of fireballs, section Physics of the Earth and the Universe – 3rd place, supervised by doc. RNDr. Juraj Tóth, PhD..

We send our congratulations to all our students for their achievements and thank them for representing our faculty. We would also like to express gratitude to our colleagues from Prague for the excellent organisation and pleasant conditions at the conference.

On behalf of our faculty, four employees who were part of the expert juries also attended the event in Prague: doc. PaedDr. Klára Velmovská, PhD., assoc. prof. Mgr. Peter Čermák, PhD., doc. Ivan Sýkora, PhD., and Mgr. Juraj Tekel, PhD.

For more information, including the complete programme and a gallery, please visit the event page. The fourteenth session of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences will be held in Slovakia again in 2024.