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Lyrids 2012

Lyrids April 21./22. 2012, AGO Modra all-sky television camera

Perseids 2012


Draconids 2012


Taurids 2012

A bright bolide, most likely a Taurid, of approx. -12th magnitude observed by the AMOS camera at AGO Modra on Nov 11, 2012 at 19:08:47 UT on northeast. Bolide was detected in Czech Republic and Poland as well. Currently, the data are gathered in order to derive the orbital and physical properties of the bolide.


At a night of Nov 19./20. 2012 were Taurids active with the ZHR of about 3-5. However, there were two bright bolides with explosions and disintegration. Lower images show the same bolide captured by two stations.


Observers: Š. Gajdoš, L. Kornoš

Leonids 2012

According to Maslov's prediction the Earth should have crossed the stream of Leonid particles in the morning of Nov 20, 2012 from the dust trail leaving the parent comet around year 1400. The meteor activity should be above the sporadic background, with ZHR 10 - 15. Observations of the all-sky system AMOS in Modra and Arbo Mlynany stations confirmed this predictions.


Composite image of Leonids from the night of Nov 20, 2012.

Observers: Š. Gajdoš, L. Kornoš


Geminids 2012

The Geminid meteor shower belongs to the most active showers throughout the year, with the maximum activity of 80 - 120 ZHR. Meteors apparently fly out the radiant in the constellation of Gemini and are characteristic for their relatively slow geocentric velocities (35 km/h). Heliocentric orbits and their orbital evolution suggest the common origin of Geminids with the asteroid 3200 Phaethon. The composite image of meteors shot by the television detection system (AMOS) in the SVMN network from Arborétum Mlyňany and Kysucké Nové Mesto from the night of Dec 13/14 2012 show that Geminids did not disappointed observers and plenty of multi-station meteors will allow us to compute their heliocentric orbits.

Arborétum Mlyňany. Observers: Š. Gajdoš, J. Šilha. Image processing: J. Tóth.


Kysucké Nové Mesto. Observer: Š. Gajdoš, J. Šilha, J. Mäsiar. Image processing: J. Tóth.


AGO Modra. Observer: Š. Gajdoš, J. Šilha, J. Mäsiar. Image processing: J. Tóth.