Faculty of Mathematics, Physics
and Informatics
Comenius University Bratislava

ADAM news

Dec 1, 2015: ADAM and AMOS, interview with Juraj Tóth in Radio Regina. (in Slovak language)

Jan 20, 2014: First article about ADAM-WFS was accepted for publishing in peer-reviewed Proceedings of Meteoroids 2013 conference. You can previewed it in arxiv version HERE.

May 6, 2013: Juraj Tóth presented ADAM in local  TV Bratislava. (in Slovak language)

Apr 16, 2013: Journal SME published an article about ADAM-WFS (in Slovak language)

Apr 12, 2013: State-wide radio station (SR) mentioned ADAM-WFS in interview with Juraj Tóth.

Apr 11, 2013: The JOJ TV broadcasted a short story about ADAM-WFS in the evening news (in Slovak language).

Apr 11, 2013: The Comenius University published a press release on ADAM-WFS (in Slovak language) Press release HERE.

Apr 4, 2013: Poster presented at the Planetary Defense Conference in Flagstaff in about a week.

Feb 24, 2013: We are social! Facebook page here!

Feb 20, 2013: ADAM-WFS was presented on state-wide Slovak television JOJ (in Slovak language).

Jan 18, 2013: The project has not been selected for the Starting grant by European Research Council.