Faculty of Mathematics, Physics
and Informatics
Comenius University in Bratislava


Conference program details will be published in due time.

Now, SOC defined the sessions and invited speakers as follows:

Special invited talk: Astronomers and Astronomy at the Slovak Institutes of Astronomy
Iwan Williams

1. Meteoroid Sources
Jessica Agarwal (Meteoroid production by Asteroids)

2. Composition and Physical Properties
Mathew Gange (Properties of Micrometeorites)

3. Dynamical Evolution
Auriane Egal (Draconid modeling and forecasting)

4. (Exo-) Zodiacal dust
Jérémie Lasue (Zodiacal dust properties inferred from observations)

5. Meteor Physics
Stefan Loehle (Laboratory ablation experiments)

6. Influx of Interstellar Matter
Maria Hajdukova (Interstellar Meteors)

7. Meteorite Recoveries
Hadrien Devillepoix (Meteorite Recovery with the DFN)

8. Planetary Defense
Lorien Wheeler (Bolide Models)

9. In-situ Experiments and Spacecraft Anomalies
Althea V. Moorhead (In-situ data and models)

10. Meteoroid Impact Physics
Tomoko Arai (Destiny +)

11. Future Methods and Techniques
Pierre Kokou (Lightning Imager for observing meteors and fireballs)