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Nonlinear Optics / Vladimír Mesároš, Anton Štrba, Dagmar Senderáková

21. 12. 2016 13.16 hod.
By: Vladimír Mesároš

The textbook Nonlinear Optics gives a comprehensive and according to unitary criteria sequenced view of the basic nonlinear optical phenomena, that results from the interaction of intense laser light with matter. The qualitative arrangement of the phenomena comes from the derivations od quadratic and cubic nonlinear polarizations. The theoretical calculations are presented by two approaches – via both, a microstructure model of the susceptibility, taking into account the classic anharmonic oscillator, and a fenomenological description of the polarization feedback.

Particular nonlinear optical phenomena are analyzed quantitatively following coupled equations derived for quadratic and cubic nonlinearities. When analyzing cubic phenomena of self-action, a special attention is devoted to them considering if the elements of the susceptibility tensor are real, complex or imaginary. A great attention is focused on both, methods of phase synchronization and practical utilization of nonlinear phenomena.

To complete the textbook, also the basic pieces of knowledge dealing with properties of linear isotropic and anizotropic media, crystalography and properties of nonlinear susceptibility tenzors are included.  

Publisher: Knižničné a edičné centrum FMFI UK v Bratislave
ISBN: 978-80-8147-065-3
Year: 2016