Faculty of Mathematics, Physics
and Informatics
Comenius University in Bratislava

Physics Education

Doctoral Degree Program


Physics Education


full time / external

Usual duration:

full time form 4 years, external form 5 years

Program director:

prof. RNDr. Andrej Plecenik, DrSc.

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Description of the Study Program

Doctorate in physics education, just like any other doctoral program, is a scientific training. Thus, graduate students after their graduation will be able of independent scientific work in the theory of physics education. Graduates master knowledge, methodology and methods of research in the theory of teaching physics and related fields. They understand the essential facts, principles and theories related to the teaching process and the formal and informal science education, using terms related to these areas. They recognize the directions chosen for the development of theories of physics education in the world. They are able to creatively use the knowledge to identify, analise, and solve problems in science education. They can evaluate the work in the theory of teaching physics and competently assess its quality and efficiency. They are able to cooperate with researchers from practice, with staff dedicated to all areas of education (e.g. the educational psychology, sociology) as well as with specialists in the theory of physics education (for example-the popularization of the results of physical research).

Doctoral Scholarships

Full-time doctoral students who have permanent residency in the European Union are entitled to receive a scholarship for the entire standard duration of their studies. The scholarships are paid starting on the date of enrollment. The scholarship is determined in accordance with the tables included in the Law no. 553/2003 Z.z. as follows: 

  • prior to completion of the qualification exam: 675,00 EUR (6th class, 1st level)
  • after successful completion of the qualification exam: 786,50 EUR (7th class, 1st level)

Scholarships are not subject to taxes or other fees.

Doctoral studies are considered an equivalent to full time employment and in the majority of cases cannot be combined with another employment. Job holding applicants who intend to keep their job are advised to apply for the external (distance) form of doctoral studies. Doctoral students enrolled in the regular form are expected to participate in teaching activities such as conducting recitations or exam grading, in accordance with the needs of their corresponding departments.

Thesis Topics for Academic Year 2019/2020

  • Využitie tichého videa vo vyučovaní fyziky
    Using Silent Video in Physics Education 
    (supervisor doc. RNDr. Klára Velmovská, PhD.)
  • Rozvoj schopností žiakov ZŠ pracovať s dátami získanými svojou bádateľskou činnosťou v rámci vyučovania fyziky
    Research in the capabilities of ISCED 2 pupils to work with data gained within their physics inquiry 
    (supervisor doc. RNDr. Peter Demkanin, PhD.)
  • Project Based Learning Environment for Physics Education
    Prostredie pre učenie pri projektovej práci žiakov v rámci fyzikálneho vzdelávania 
    (supervisor doc. RNDr. Peter Demkanin, PhD.)