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Piatkový seminár z fyziky - Zdenko Machala (20.11.2015)

v piatok 20.11.2015 o 14:00 hod. v miestnosti F2/272

13. 11. 2015 23.25 hod.
Od: Peter Markoš

Prednášajúci: doc. RNDr. Zdenko Machala, PhD.

Názov prednášky: Korónový výboj v kombinácii s elektrostatickým rozprašovaním vody – optická diagnostika a biomedicínske aplikácie

Termín: 20.11.2015, 14:00 hod., miestnosť F2/272

Bactericidal and biomedical effects of atmospheric pressure non-thermal (cold) plasmas mediated through aqueous solutions can be enhanced when air discharges are combined with water electrospray. The presence of the electrical discharge in the spraying area allows for very efficient mass transfer of plasma-generated active species into the water. We investigated the effect of the electrospraying of water in combination with positive DC corona discharge. Our key finding is that the discharge has a significant effect on the electrospray behavior and vice versa. Such water electrospray-air discharge (corona, transient spark) systems were demonstrated to be very efficient in inducing bactericidal and various chemical effects in plasma treated water.