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Nukleárny seminár - Dominik Babál (4.12.2019)

v stredu 4.12.2019 o 14:00 hod. v miestnosti F1/364

28. 11. 2019 10.54 hod.
Od: Jaroslav Staníček

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Prednášajúci: Mgr. Dominik Babál

Názov:  Differential cross-section measurement of the associated production of a top-quark pair and a Z boson

Termín: 4.12.2019, 14:00 hod., zasadačka KJFB (F1/364)

Increasing center-of-mass energy of pp collisions and higher luminosity at the LHC enables us to study rare processes of the Standard Model. This analysis uses full Run 2 data with total integrated luminosity of 139 fb for the first differential measurement of ttZ production cross-section at the ATLAS experiment. The methodology of the measurement is based on the Iterative Bayesian Unfolding (IBU). This method, which is based on Bayes' theorem, does not require matrix inversion and is theoretically well grounded. Together with iterative approach, the IBU ensures relatively fast and stable convergence to final unfolded distribution. The fundamentals of the IBU technique as well as preliminary results for tetralepton signature, where 4 leptons are identified in the final state, will be presented.