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Seminár z teoretickej fyziky - Samuel Kováčik (9.1.2018)

v utorok 9.1.2018 o 14:00 hod. v miestnosti F2/125

07. 01. 2018 21.58 hod.
Od: Peter Maták

Prednášajúci: Samuel Kováčik (Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies)

Názov: Magnetic monopoles

Termín: 9.1.2018, 14:00 hod., F2/125

Despite never being actually observed, magnetic monopoles keep appearing in physical theories for over a century with an unmatched stubbornness. They appear in classical electro\-magnetism, quantum mechanics, the Yang-Mills theory, any grand unified theory, some Kaluza-Klein theories, condensed matter physics, cosmology and, not surprisingly, in the string theory as well. As put by Polchinski, "magnetic monopoles seems like one of the safest bets that one can make about physics not yet seen." The seminar will be focused mostly on introducing the different descriptions of magnetic monopoles. After, we will discuss yet another form of magnetic monopoles.