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Seminár z teoretickej fyziky - Lisa Glaser (21.5.2019)

v utorok 21.5.2019 o 14:00 hod. v posluchárni C

10. 05. 2019 13.23 hod.
Od: Peter Maták

Prednášajúci: Lisa Glaser (University of Vienna)

Názov: Non-commuting not non-computing

Termín:  21.5.2019, 14:00 hod., poslucháreň C

Quantum gravity is one of the big open problems in physics. Both general relativity and quantum mechanics are tremendously successful in their respective regimes, however combining these two theories has proven to be very hard.

In this talk I will first sketch the idea of how computer simulations might be used to explore the problem of quantum gravity. I will in particular focus on how to apply them in the context of non-commutative geometries, into which I will give a short introduction, before I show some recent results exploring non-commutative geometry using computer simulations.