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Seminár z kvalitatívnej teórie diferenciálnych rovníc - Danica Basarić (18.11.2021)

vo štvrtok 18.11.2021 o 14:00 hod. v miestnosti M/223

11. 11. 2021 09.35 hod.
Od: Pavol Quittner

Prednášajúci: Danica Basarić (Matematický ústav, Akadémia vied Českej republiky)

Názov prednášky: Semiflow Selections in Fluid Dynamics

Termín: 18.11.2021, 14:00 hod., M 223

Well-posedness of systems describing the motion of fluids in the class of strong and weak solutions represents one of the most challenging problems in the modern theory of partial differential equations. To handle the problem of uniqueness, one possible way is to perform a semiflow selection, identifying, among all the solutions emanating from the same initial data, the one satisfying the semigroup property. We study under which assumptions it is possible to guarantee the existence of a semiflow selection, choosing the Skorokhod space of càglàd functions as trajectory space. Subsequently, we apply this abstract machinery to systems arising in fluid dynamics, including the compressible Navier-Stokes system and models describing general non-Newtonian fluids.

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