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Seminár z kognitívnej vedy a umelej inteligencie - Jan Černocký (19.3.2019)

v utorok 19.3.2019 o 16:30 hod., v miestnosti I/23

14. 03. 2019 08.39 hod.
Od: Igor Farkaš

Prednášajúci:  doc. Dr. Ing. Jan Černocký  (Department of Computer Graphics and Multimedia, Brno University of Technology)

Názov:  Automatic speech recognition in the neural era

Termín: 19.3.2019, 16:30 hod., I/23


Speech data mining (that will be represented by transcription in this talk) is an important discipline of machine learning. In addition to classical ML and computer science components, it also sources other sciences such as physiology, lexicography, and phonetics, making it a funny inter-disciplinary domain. Similarly to other ML sub-fields, it has been turned upside-down in the recent years by the massive use of neural networks. Although their use in speech dates back to 2000, it is only around 2010 they took the ground and started to dominate the field. Brno speech group has been through all these changes, sometimes following the others, sometimes defining the history. The talk will cover these developments as well as some new research trends. 

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