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Seminár z kognitívnej vedy a umelej inteligencie - Jakub Šrol (5.11.2019)

v utorok 5.11.2019 o 16:30 hod. v miestnosti I/9

31. 10. 2019 17.12 hod.
Od: Igor Farkaš

Prednášajúci: Mgr. Jakub Šrol, PhD. (Centrum spoločenských a psychologických vied SAV, Bratislava)

Názov: Selected aspects of the research on cognitive biases and epistemically suspect beliefs in Slovakia

Termín: 5.11.2019, 16:30 hod., I/23

Research in the heuristics and biases paradigm has a long tradition of studying rational thinking using reasoning tasks specifically constructed to demonstrate that people systematically violate the rules of logic and probability when making judgments and decisions. A different domain of psychological research which addresses questions pertaining to human rationality is the study of epistemically suspect beliefs, i.e. the endorsement of paranormal claims, conspiracy theories, and pseudoscience. Importance of exploring such beliefs should be stressed both because of their surprisingly high prevalence and due to their relationship with various adverse real-life outcomes in the domain of health, political behavior, and rejection of science. It may seem at the first glance that acceptance of paranormal, conspiracy, and pseudoscientific beliefs has little to do with the type of rational thinking failure studied under heuristics and biases paradigm. And yet, recent research seems to suggest that similar underlying cognitive mechanisms may be implicated in these two domains of psychological research. In my talk, I will present selected findings of the research on cognitive biases and epistemically suspect beliefs that is taking place at Institute of Experimental Psychology of Slovak Academy of Sciences and will attempt to link the findings to the most recent trends in the two aforementioned domains of psychological study.

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