Prednáška z robotiky: Educational robotics projects - Lara Lammer

v stredu 3.5.2017 o 17:30 hod. v FabLab-e v budove Vedeckého parku UK

26. 04. 2017 13.00 hod.
Od: Andrej Lúčny

Prednášajúci: Lara Lammer (ACIN, TU Wienr)

Názov: Educational robotics projects

Termín: 3.5.2017, 17:30 hod., FabLab, Vedecký park UK, Mlynská dolina

What happens when young people are guided to conceptualize robotic products for everyday problems or societal issues? Can 21 st century skills like creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication be developed? What age brings which challenges to such an approach? Are there other factors like interests or strengths that need to be considered? We will discuss two pilot case studies that explore these questions: one with kindergarten children, the other with high school and university students.)