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Nuleárny seminár - Sergiy Dubchak (15.11.2017)

v stredu 15.11.2017 o 14:00 hod. v miestnosti F1/364

09. 11. 2017 13.04 hod.
Od: Jaroslav Staníček

Pozývame Vás na Nukleárny seminár Katedry jadrovej fyziky a biofyziky FMFI UK, Slovenskej fyzikálnej spoločnosti a Slovenskej nukleárnej spoločnosti.

Prednášajúci: Dr. Sergiy Dubchak (State Ecological Academy of Postgraduate Education and Management Kyiv, Ukraine)

Názov: Štúdium migrácie Am a Pu v lesnom ekosystémie v zakázanej Černobylskej zóne

Termín: 15.11.2017, 14:00 hod., zasadačka KJFB (F1/364)

Three decades after the Chernobyl accident, the transuranium elements contribute significantly to radioactive contamination of the environment, especially within 30-km exclusion zone around ChNPP. Nowadays 241Am has become the most important alpha-emitting pollutant in this area. Owing to 241Am formation from 241Pu decay, the permanent growth of the forest biomass in uncultivated areas within Chernobyl zone and enhancement of mobility in contaminated soils with time, the steady increase of 241Am accumulation by plants of forest ecosystems is expected till 2050th – 2060th.

Accordingly, the research task was to study distribution of americium and plutonium isotopes in components of forest biogeocenoses and processes of radionuclide incorporation in biogeochemical cycles of migration.

It was shown that vertical migration rate of americium and plutonium in soil profiles of the forest ecosystem is relatively low. However the fraction of exchangeable species of americium in soil exceeded significantly that of plutonium isotopes. It confirms higher migration ability of americium and its potential for the long-time intake into the trophic chains.