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Doktorandské kolokvium KAI - Lukáš Radoský (11.12.2023)

v pondelok 11.12.2023 o 13:10 hod. v miestnosti I/9

06. 12. 2023 09.21 hod.
Od: Damas Gruska

Prednášajúci: Lukáš Radoský

Názov: Optimization and Reuse in Development of Large Software Systems

Termín: 11.12.2023, 13:10 hod., I/9

Introduction of Unified Modelling Language (UML) codified a universal format for software modelling. UML offers numerous diagram types for visualization of various aspects of the modelled software. While the vast range of diagram types makes UML robust, it also implies that to model software thoroughly, several diagrams need to be created. To understand the modelled software, one needs to look into several diagrams and deduce the links between them. This is why researchers, us included, try to propose modelling approaches that would make such links explicit. We propose a novel software modelling method that provides both the structure and the behavior of the modelled system in one view, with the model being executable. To simplify the process of projecting software models into implementation, the software prototype supporting our modelling method also features automated transformation of platform-independent software models into platform-dependent source code. Validity of software modelling methods and supporting prototypes is usually validated by performing user evaluation, which is a step yet to be taken.